UK Housing Market Shows Signs of Recovery

Published: 10/11/2023

UK Housing Market Shows Signs of Recovery as Taylor Wimpey Reports Profit Surge

Recent developments in the UK's housing sector have revealed a ray of hope, with Taylor Wimpey, a leading housebuilder, announcing a positive outlook on its earnings. The renowned FTSE 100 company anticipates its annual operating profits to be around £470 million, a figure that aligns with the upper estimates previously forecasted. Despite this, it marks a significant drop from the peak figures achieved in 2022, nearing a 50% decrease.

This update coincides with announcements from Persimmon, another major player in the sector, highlighting a considerable increase in housing sales during October. Concurrently, mortgage lending institutions such as Halifax and Nationwide have reported a rise in house prices, marking the first such increase since the onset of spring. This shift follows the Bank of England's decision to halt its continuous interest rate hikes, a move that has brought some stability to the housing market, which was previously hit by soaring rates impacting both house prices and buyer demand.

Jennie Daly, the CEO of Taylor Wimpey, has expressed that the upcoming spring season will be crucial in determining the market's trajectory, especially following the traditionally slower winter and holiday periods. She attributes the optimistic profit forecasts to the company's strategic approach in managing costs and aligning supply with demand, thereby avoiding the need for drastic price reductions.

To attract buyers, Taylor Wimpey, like many in the industry, has offered incentives averaging 5% this year, including complimentary upgrades and furnishings. Following these announcements, the company's shares experienced a 2% rise in early trading.

However, analysts advise caution, suggesting that the recovery process for housebuilders and the broader market could be gradual. The Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, has indicated that high interest rates might persist for a more extended period to ensure economic stability.

Although Taylor Wimpey has not observed a significant uptick in home sales compared to the previous year, analysts are optimistic. According to Sam Cullen, an analyst at Peel Hunt, the sector is showing signs of moving beyond its lowest phase, though a rapid rebound is unlikely.

Further bolstering this outlook, Halifax reported a 1.1% increase in house prices from September to October, ending a six-month downward trend. Nationwide's reports mirrored this finding, although prices are still 3.2% lower compared to last year.
Savills, a prominent real estate agency, recently projected that the UK housing market is moving beyond its most challenging period. Lucian Cook, the head of residential research at Savills, cautions that ongoing affordability issues might lead to a continued, albeit moderate, decline in house prices in the first half of 2024, with an expected overall reduction of around 10%.
The mortgage market is also reflecting these changes, with the average rate for a five-year fixed mortgage now at 5.35%, a decrease from last year's 5.92%, as reported by Rightmove.